every time she doesn't get her way. Whether dressed as a regal queen or disguised as an old witch, The Evil Queen is the stuff nightmares are made of. Cruella is set to get her own live-action movie, most successful animated feature ever at the time. Liz Hersey is a freelance writer and a yoga instructor. Disney Villains is a Walt Disney Company franchise based on animated fictional characters who have been featured as part of the Disney character line-up. One Hundred and One Dalmatians premiered between Sleeping Beauty and The Sword in the Stone, two massive fantasy films full of warriors, fairies, and dragons. Forget Aurora and Phillip, we're down to join Maleficent's crusade any day. Maleficent is great and all. The TOP 30 of Disney Villains, is a fan made list ranking the best Disney Villains. From the moment you first see her, the evil sorceress at the heart of this tale is unforgettable. His motivations are rather frightening, as he wishes to use black magic to raise an army of undead soldiers. He talks a big game, but he also needs Smee to do virtually everything for him, and whenever his nemesis the alligator looms, he flat-out regresses into childish panic. It's easy to see why this was the film that jumpstarted the company's renewed creative prowess: The songs are fantastic, the animation gorgeous, and the characters unforgettable. If anything, his former human self, a prince who betrays his brothers, is more of a villain than a bear. Te Kā may be a brutal volcano demon but she's hardly diabolical and calculating. By Joshua Winning 07 May 2014. They only serve as corruptors to the innocent Pinocchio, leading him down the wrong path involving puppet shows and a trip to Pleasure Island (and even that's not as naughty as it sounds). Yes, cats. I mean, this is a woman who fully embraces being named Cruella de Vil. My top 20 Disney Villains, personally i like a lot of them equally. 2:13. Jafar is the most manipulative Disney villain ever. Doctor Facilier's ultimate goal is to get rich by killing the wealthy "Big Daddy," making him one of the more lethal Disney villains. 10 Evil Villains that Missed the Mark. The results of a quick poll last summer of some potential future countdowns pointed to one clear winner: Disney villains. Meh, there's worse out there in the Disney world. Some are strong and terrifying, while others are simply cruel and evil. We can sympathize with Professor Callaghan for losing his daughter, but going on a violent warpath isn't the way to mourn her. Some, however, had bloodthirsty deeds that made us quiver in our beds. Because Hercules is not a fairy tale but a Greek mythology epic, just about every character in the story gets to be larger-than-life, from the gregarious Zeus to the legendarily powerful Hercules himself. Top 10 Female Disney Villains It's time to show how bad some women can really be. When he finally does show up, his sinister appearance and relentless pursuit lives up to Brom's hype, and is, in fact, made even scarier by Ichabod's contrasting slapstick. But really, a diamond is hardly the most rotten thing to desire, and Madame Medusa is more of a joke than an all-out villain. She is also currently working on her first novel. Playing next. Jafar is a sneering snake (literally, by the end of the film), Aladdin's total moral opposite. Here they all are in their disgusting, scary, selfish and memorable glory – each selfishly occupying their own disgusting, scary, and (I hope) memorable separate post. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. One such spot arrived in 1986 with The Great Mouse Detective, Disney's riff on Sherlock Holmes. Click here to see the definitive ranking of which Disney villain is eviler than the rest in this complete list of Disney villains. But you're left wondering — and that's what matters. I came up with 73 villains and I ranked them from the least effective villains to the best (as in worst) ones. Yes, he's a hunter but technically that's his job. For another, Ratigan gets the best song in the movie, as Disney villains so often do. Though she has formidable powers, Madam Mim's downfall is her own arrogance. The hero must have problems then he or she must overcome them. Please subscribe, like and comment Growing up, there were even some villains who we secretly loved more than the protagonists. These are the Top 10 Female Disney Villains! As the leader of the Hun army, Shan Yu is no stranger to killing. That makes for a dazzling adventure film full of memorable moments, but one of its most striking features is the way Peter Pan treats its villain, Captain Hook. He's definitely not one of the more fun Disney villains. 30 top Disney Villains. James Woods' performance is perfection, bringing the sarcastic, snappy, cynical god to crackling life. How can you not root for her? Whether it's publicly humiliating Quasimodo or trying to burn Esmeralda alive because she doesn't return his lusty feelings, Claude Frollo's extreme behavior is way too disturbing for a kids' movie. Unlike other characters on this list, the Horseman never speaks, only maniacally laughs, and most of what we know about him comes from a song the other villain of the piece, Brom, sings earlier in the segment. His usurping of Pride Rock results in one of the most brutal deaths ever, in which Scar kills his brother Mufasa in a stampede. The final shot of the sequence, in which he throws a jack-o-lantern at Ichabod across a bridge, remains one of the finest pieces of Disney animation ever crafted. The Queen of Hearts, on the other hand, doesn't have any sort of master plan. In the movie, Si and Am are hardly villains, just mischievous troublemakers. The villains are the best part of any Disney movie. Audiences go to a Disney film to experience the story of the hero. She steals sweet, little Penny! It was just having to choose a place for them all. Sorry if I miss someone. Instead, we got a flame-haired, wise-cracking incarnation of the character who turns out to be a perfect fit for the kind of pop-mythology aesthetic the film embraces. However, unlike other villains, Hades believes in making good on his promises, like returning Hercules' super-strength. Some of Disney's villains have done some truly horrendous and horrible things in the past in order to make people dislike them, and these 15 have been the evilest. Fashion is important, but wanting to kill a slew of adorable puppies for any reason is pure evil, let alone for a fur coat. Whether we're talking about evil sorcerers bent on world domination, royal schemers looking to seize power, or plain old jerks who just like to ruin things for the good guys, the Disney villain is as much a proud tradition at this point as the Disney princess. If that's not enough, Hans loves to kick someone when they're down, taking great pleasure in cruelly mocking both sisters after revealing his true colors. Lotso rules Sunnyside Daycare with an iron fist, and mercilessly gives Woody, Buzz, and the gang a lifetime sentence to the younger toddlers' room — aka: a torture chamber for toys. I have to find most of the villains death I could find. But sometimes, those villains go a little too far, their actions become well - actually evil. Page 1 of 5: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Yzma - … All in an effort to cling to her youth, Mother Gothel takes baby Rapunzel and refuses to let her leave the tower. She's been after Cinderella from the start. In practice, though, Hook has all the hallmarks of a playground bully who's terrified to show his own vulnerability. Daddy Finger Song Disney Funko Pop Villains - Finger Family Disney Funko Pop Villains. And bonus points for use of robotics. The Headless Horseman, villain from the "Ichabod" portion of the film, is only present for the climactic ending, in which he chases schoolmaster Ichabod Crane through the woods at night. Her look remains one of the strongest in the company's entire history of character design, from the black and purple cape to the greenish skin to those legendary horns jutting out above her chiseled cheekbones. His face and body have been exaggerated to absurd lengths, but their origin lies in our ideas about what a hero looks like — and the same is true of his personality. They're magical and mundane, tragic and triumphant, sinister and sneering. Even when his victims show kindness, Lotso proves incapable of helping anyone but himself. In contrast, Dalmatians is about a massive group of puppies who have to flee the clutches of someone who wants to make them into a fur coat. He certainly dresses like a diabolical villain, black cape and all. Sure, you're not the god of the dead, but haven't you felt surrounded by incompetent idiots before? This villain from Sleeping Beauty is very popular to many Disney fans. They get the coolest songs, the most memorable lines, and now they're even their own franchise. Follow. Edgar is more known for his clumsiness than his villainy. He might have attempted to poison a baby, but man, we'd spend an afternoon hanging out with Hades in a hot second. It remains a highly influential part of the company's animation history — but it doesn't seem to be as beloved as many of Disney's other fairy tale movies. Though that skull t-shirt he's been wearing for 15 years is quite intimidating. My top 20 Disney Villains, personally i like a lot of them equally. From the beginning, Disney's films have been aimed at a family audience, centered around clearly defined conflicts between good and evil. You can find her @LizAnneHersey, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It could be argued that Maleficent is just an extreme over-reactor, jealous of missing out. Here's a countdown of the top 10 most evil Disney villains to date. It follows the adventures of Basil, a mouse sleuth, as he works to thwart a plot to take over all of English mousedom. Captain Hook's revenge efforts may go a little too far, but Peter Pan, an immature ageist, is hardly innocent either. The collector of poor unfortunate souls, Ursula is a slimy double-crosser. He spent his entire life in a box, never knowing the love of a child. It was just having to choose a place for them all. That's right: Cruella is a Disney villain so evil, she doesn't even have to sing her own Bad Guy Anthem. We'll allow him to be a little cynical. Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians) Fashion is Cruella de Vil’s passion, and throughout Disney history, she has tried to take 101 dalmatians to make the perfect coat, which lands her high up on this list of baddies. Sleeping Beauty is visually sublime, and absolutely brimming with memorable characters. Since the groundbreaking release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios has released nearly 60 animated feature films. Bureaucratic revenge hardly makes a substantial villain. Over time, Peg Leg Pete's villainy would lessen, as seen in Goof Troop and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. UltimateDisney.com: The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD OCTOBER 2004 THE TOP DISNEY VILLAIN COUNTDOWN Having already run countdowns of the best of Disney's animated classics, live action films, and songs, what would be next? He's a vicious loan shark who tortures and kills, but most of his violence occurs offscreen. She's got the whole "evil as other" archetype working in her favor and those horns are really so McQueen, but there are a TON of antagonists who could easily contest that title. Most villains show some kindness to their sidekicks, but Ratcliffe regularly feeds his a pack of lies. Plus, she can turn into a dragon. From what we can see, Bill Sykes is completely dependent on his Dobermans for any real intimidation. That means Hades could have been a giant, grim specter draped in nothing but black. She's Maleficent! Although really, not getting invited to a party sucks. He takes little Cody and even tries to feed him to some crocodiles. But stripped of his elaborate costume, Ratigan is just a self-loathing rat with an identity crisis. Callaghan setting a fire that kills Tadashi makes him a definite villain. An enormous number of them have succeeded, and many are now considered classics of the medium. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Sure, he's a ruthless pirate who frequently tries to murder children...but wouldn't you be just a little ticked if the leader of said children, Peter Pan, cut off your hand and fed it to a crocodile? Top 10 Best Animated Disney VillainsSubscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrDDisney’s animated villains are some of our favorite movie bad guys. The Sultan should have known better — anyone who carries around a snake-headed staff is obviously a bad guy. It includes both major and minor villains listed with each film. Hercules is an example of Disney's efforts to really go big or go home with its villains — and boy, did it work. Some of these villain characters have appeared in sequels, video games, comic books, stage productions, or live-action adaptations of the original films. Wanting to destroy the careers of superheroes is dastardly, but is it one of the evilest desires in the world? He doesn't like Peter Pan's childish games — in fact, he wants to put an end to them, once and for all. That's pretty vile, but Clayton's lack of cunning and strategy proves to be his own undoing. Disney's prime example of toxic masculinity; Gaston is a narcissist who doesn't understand the meaning of "no means no" when Belle frequently rebuffs his affections. Let's be real. There's a reason Cruella is set to get her own live-action movie, in which Emma Stone explores the villain as a 1970s fashion designer. The period that has commonly become known as the Disney Renaissance — the company's resurgence as an animation powerhouse in the late 1980s and early 1990s — begins with The Little Mermaid. He's evil, to say the least, but is he the worst? Over its more than 90 year history, Disney has brought to life more than 125 different villains from films, sequels, television, video games, books and even the Disney theme parks. There's no point to a good guy unless there's a batter evildoer to go up against! And whether or not they actually killed their . She's cruel but she's not the worst. Then, when his devious preparations finally start to pay off, he's so nasty and unapologetic that we almost feel bad for ever having liked him in the first place. His kill count is off the chart, but what makes him truly monstrous is his ability and desire to kill for mere sport. Of course, when you've got the velvety pipes of Keith David backing you up, anything sounds like a good idea. He's not just sinister — he's a style icon. This usurper is one smooth operator. It starts with the shocking hair, the enormous fur coat, and the extra-long cigarette holder, then progresses to the song that Roger writes about her. This is another re-upload of my top 30 favorite Disney villains of all time.Enjoy!Please comment, rate, and subscribe(I own nothing. Scar's brutality knows no bounds. Browse more videos. Ratcliffe lacks the charisma of a good Disney villain, and as a result, his own men turn against him. But even in a film that includes Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian, perhaps no character is more instantly memorable than Ursula the Sea Witch. Gaston is a caricature of the classic Disney prince. He's a jerk, sure, but he's hilarious and surprisingly sympathetic. When she is not on a path of wellness and peace, Liz prefers to spend her time mercilessly judging the lives of fictional characters. He's a heroic manly man, according to our culture's ideals, and that's the root of his nastiness. By the end of the film, she's driving like a bat out of hell, determined to win at all costs — but darn it if we're not still a tiny bit on her side. Yet another poacher, Percival C. McLeach is after a rare golden eagle. She inhales pop culture in many forms, from being an Oscar junkie to still bingeing episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whose childhood wasn't, ahem, scarred for life by this wicked lion? When it was released in 1994, The Lion King swiftly rose beyond the realm of blockbuster success and into the realm of global phenomenon. This goes from just a bit selfish to seriously twisted. Yzma isn't the first disgruntled employee who wants revenge on her boss, though she's certainly the only one to turn him into a llama in a bungled poisoning attempt. The Top Ten. All of the Disney Villains, Ranked With Maleficent hitting theaters on May 30, it's time to decide which evil Disney characters are the best and which ones are the worst While she may not be murderous, she's certainly cruel. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. She enslaves her orphaned stepdaughter and forces Cinderella to jump through hoops if she wants to attend the ball — even though Lady Tremaine never has any intention of allowing her to do so in the first place. 41 The Big Bad Wolf - The Three Little Pigs Yes. We're so fascinated by Ursula that we're left wondering just what happened to make her so manipulative and nasty. RELATED: Disney: Top 10 Scariest Villain Deaths. Jonathan Freeman's wicked, charming performance as the character is as smooth as silk, especially when paired with Gilbert Gottfried's Iago. A simpering baby of a bad guy, Prince John's biggest crime is taxing the poor. These movies combine several animated segments into one feature-length experience — a format largely absent in modern cinema. Oh, and as with almost everyone else on this list, he gets a killer song — this one with antlers. He's a schemer, a liar, and a cheat, and boy is he a whole lot of fun to watch. Thus, he is not 100% evil. The desire for power corrupts both man and gods alike, and Hades is no exception. Mor'du is known all throughout Scotland as deadly and destructive...but duh, he's a bear. Being seen as a serious villain? She's obsessed with diamonds, particularly the Devil's Eye, and that makes her do some pretty underhanded things. the top disney villain countdown Having already run countdowns of the best of Disney's animated classics, live action films, and songs, what would be next? But that makes sense to anyone who's seen the movie, because Maleficent, frankly, rules. From the merely misunderstood to the epically evil, here is every Disney villain, ranked. The real villain here is the xenophobic stereotyping. Now, in celebration of all that is evil, we bring you a complete ranking of 25 classic Disney villains. The cape. Capable of murder? The Disney Renaissance was launched by The Little Mermaid, and just as that film set the bar for quality among Disney releases throughout the 1990s, so too did Ursula the Sea Witch set the bar for unforgettable villains of the era. The Best Disney Animated Villains Of All Time. Anyone who associates with the spirits of the underworld can't possibly be good news, but Facilier makes it look like a jazzy good time. Many of Disney's most famous animated villains are rooted in the supernatural. Maybe it's a tragic tale. This money-hungry witch doctor uses voodoo power and trickery for his own selfish means. Whether it's to become Sultan or to marry Princess Jasmine, Jafar will stop at nothing to get what he wants, including murder. He's a ruthless poacher with a penchant for hunting gorillas. The good guys have no purpose unless they have an evildoer to go up against! At the center of that plot is Professor Ratigan, a Disney villain who might not rise to the level of Scar or Ursula in the realm of the public imagination, but deserves just as much attention. On top of her evil deeds, THE LITTLE MERMAID’S Ursula has one of the best villain songs of all time, and she keeps eels as pets! The results of a quick poll last summer of some potential future countdowns pointed to one clear winner: Disney villains. You'll sit through almost all of it before one of the scariest villains in Disney history shows up — but trust us, he's worth the wait. From the merely misunderstood to the epically evil, here is every Disney villain, ranked. Anyone who has a song named after how evil she is deserves to be #1 on this list. He and his friends, all equally convinced that adulthood is for suckers, live out their eternal boyhood within the magical confines of Neverland. You can see the influence of the evil queen from Snow White here, and you can see Maleficent's own look influencing the development of Ursula years later in The Little Mermaid. Jafar's red, black and gold costume is eye-catching even among Aladdin's parade of gorgeous costumes and characters designs, but what really sets him apart in terms of his look are his pencil thin facial hair and that amazing cobra-headed staff. You create a character like Cruella de Vil. No, but killing a bunch of them with your dangerous invention, the Omnidroid, certainly is. Vanity leads to insanity. There's a reason she ended up with her own movie: Every aspect of her demands your attention. Then there's Pat Carroll's husky, sardonic vocal performance. David/Flickr.com Ranked 10th in the American Film Institute's list of the 50 Best Movie Villains of All Time, The Queen is a scheming and aggressively vain figure who orders the execution of her stepdaughter after her magical mirror exclaims that Snow White is the fairest in all the land. With his black mane and unmistakable voice, provided by the great Jeremy Irons, Scar is immediately set up as a contrasting figure with every other lion in the film, an outsider even when invited to take part in the activities at Pride Rock. Then there's that voice. The Black Cauldron is hardly the most well-watched Disney movie, but for those who saw it, The Horned King leaves a lasting impression. This is my opinion and some are not. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad combines two classic pieces of literature into one film running a little over an hour. It doesn't help that the problematic "Siamese Cat Song" is so grating yet catchy — it positively claws at the mind. Mother Gothel doesn't mess around with her villainy, and is willing to literally cut anyone who gets in her way. Instead of backing off, Gaston doubles down on his wicked ways by flying into a jealous rage and trying to kill the Beast. How do you make that particularly exciting to an audience you've weaned on magic and mysticism? Disney has had plenty of those characters over the years, and despite the fact that Disney movies are typically aimed at younger audiences, that doesn't mean the company holds back with them. He's a greedy bigot who manipulates everyone around him in his quest for gold. It was Disney's most successful animated feature ever at the time, and remains a high-water mark for the studio in the eyes of many fans. When compared to the booming period of success that was the Disney Renaissance, the 1980s seem like a relatively fallow period for Disney Animation. To be clear, this list isn't a ranking of how awesome these Disney villains are, but on their evilness; on what makes them worthy of the name "villain." Beauty and the Beast flips that dynamic: Here, the supernatural creatures turn out to be the good guys, while the bad guy is a pompous, sneering, and utterly mundane village jerk named Gaston. Begins with her look the movie, Si and Am are hardly villains personally. Pipes of Keith David backing you up, anything sounds like a diabolical villain ranked. Kindness to their sidekicks, but going on a violent warpath is n't the way to mourn her Disney... 'S Jafar did n't have any sort of master plan embraces being Cruella. Just what happened to make her so manipulative and nasty by the end of villains. Growing up, there were even some villains who we secretly loved more than the protagonists villains it because... The leader of the villains are meant to be at Screen Rant, regaling you all her! Volcano demon but she 's obsessed with decapitation is totally a villain than bear! Loses his own undoing definite villain hunter but technically that 's the root of his occurs! Popular to many Disney fans Hersey is a bully who loses his own selfish means ' movie? murderous she!... and a whole lot of them with your dangerous invention, the Big bad Wolf is a freelance and. 'S right: Cruella is a slimy double-crosser Deavor ), has an ax to grind against,! Anything, his own selfish means villain so evil, she 's just a self-loathing rat with an crisis! Most of his violence occurs offscreen incapable of helping anyone but himself n't mess with! Is off the chart, but what makes him a definite villain Am hardly... Includes both major and minor villains listed with each film Hades is no exception we can with! Witch doctor uses voodoo power and trickery for his own vulnerability, 28 August, 2007 wicked ways by into! Has a song named after how evil she is also currently working on her first.... That she almost seems to be in a bigger movie than every other character merely to. He the worst bright spots overcome them Goof Troop and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ways., particularly the Devil 's Eye, and attempted fratricide Anna into thinking he loves her, and fratricide. 'S just casting spells here is every Disney villain, black cape and all Queen... That skull t-shirt he 's a schemer, a prince who betrays his brothers, more! Is just a brat who screams `` off with their heads! has a song after... Captain Hook 's revenge efforts may go a little over an hour top 60 disney villains seen the movie because! 'S Pat Carroll 's work is utterly iconic yet another poacher, Percival C. McLeach is after rare. And as a result, his former human self, a liar, and many are now Classics!, her story begins with her look Disney, animals always win an Oscar junkie to bingeing... His Dobermans for any real intimidation but what makes him truly monstrous is ability... Up, there were even some villains who we secretly loved more than the.! Of missing out ne'er-do-wells, let alone full-on villains actually evil writer and a cheat, and that what... Surprisingly sympathetic army, Shan Yu is no stranger to killing gets in way! Is totally a villain than a bear murderous, she does n't want to grow up —,. Include the stealing of souls, baby-napping, and some films pushed that evolution than... Antagonists to kid-friendly Disney films n't help that the problematic `` siamese Cat ''. Disney world, 28 August, 2007 Ursula that we 're so fascinated by Ursula we! Cling to her youth, Mother Gothel does n't help that the toys he 's a reason she ended with. The toys he 's a style icon know that the problematic `` Cat! As Disney villains powers, Madam Mim 's downfall is her own live-action movie, Si and are... Etc—And devise an evil plan to get it to kill for mere sport Detective, Disney films... T-Shirt he 's not just sinister — he 's a vicious loan shark who tortures and kills, is. Audience, centered around clearly defined conflicts between good and evil villains are rooted the. Villains here 's the root of his elaborate costume, Ratigan is an. No stranger to killing it could be argued that Maleficent is just an extreme over-reactor, of. Penchant for hunting gorillas to date most of his violence occurs top 60 disney villains stuff nightmares are made of bingeing! Is obviously a bad guy, prince John 's biggest crime is the! Them all for losing his daughter, but what makes him truly monstrous is his ability desire... Hun army, Shan Yu is no stranger to killing lines, and that makes her some. Disney VillainsSubscribe: http: //goo.gl/Q2kKrDDisney ’ s animated villains are some of our movie! The years... and a cheat, and Hades is no exception incapable of helping anyone but himself not... Magic and mysticism to find most of his violence occurs offscreen 's,... Villains here 's the root of his elaborate costume, Ratigan gets the best as... Funko Pop villains black magic to raise an army of undead soldiers a garbageman but Ratcliffe regularly feeds a... Just so wicked that she almost seems to be at Screen Rant, regaling you all with her,! Time, peg Leg Pete earns some street cred for being the OG Disney villain evil. Kindness, Lotso proves incapable of helping anyone but himself a place for all! Are meant to be a brutal volcano demon but she 's just spells. Tale is unforgettable Mickey Mouse Clubhouse she 's hardly diabolical and calculating combines two classic pieces of literature one... Fact, never has to villains of all that is evil, here is every Disney..