Doctor Roberts has been my dentist since he first began practicing in Fallbrook and has always provided me with excellent dental care.  Recently, I had a bad fall and severely injured my mouth and four front teeth. It was Dr. Roberts' day off, but he immediately came to his office. Later, when it was apparent that my teeth would remain stable, he put crowns on them which not only strengthened them but greatly improved their appearance. I have complete trust in Doctor Roberts and feel extremely fortunate in having such caring and adept dental care. 
-Gratefully, Jo Ann S.

Dr. Roberts has been the only dentist to look after my teeth. I am still wearing beautiful crowns that he put in 37 years ago. My front teeth are crowns that Dr. Roberts put in 25 years ago. I can relax in the chair and daydream, knowing I will not feel any pain from Dr. Roberts. I highly recommend Dr. Roberts for the best dental work there could possibly be. 
-Lillian S.

For many years a visit to the dentist was truly my greatest phobia. Dr. Roberts was able to allay those fears with his gentle, patient, reassuring style of treatment. You couldn't find a more competent and caring dental team anywhere. 
-Douglas S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Roberts for over 21 years. Even when I moved out of the county, I wouldn't consider changing dentists. Dr. Roberts is very thorough and takes time to explain what needs to be done. He also listens to my concerns and addresses each one. Then we decide on the best course of action. I have had bridgework, crowns, fillings, a veneer and whitening all with fabulous results. My husband and stepdaughter have had negative experiences with dentists prior to seeing Dr. Roberts. Both were apprehensive about seeing a new dentist. However, after their first visits, both were very pleased and continue to see him. Needless to say, we are very satisfied patients! 
-Alexandra M.

Dr. Roberts has cared for our family's dental needs since 1984. He has been a wonderful dentist, very caring, professional, and dedicated! Our daughter, now 33 yrs. old, still drives from Riverside to have him do her dental work. Dr. Roberts also cared for the dental needs of my 90 year old parents. Throughout their 10 years of visits to him, he was extraordinarily kind and patient. His entire staff is cheerful and accommodating. 
-Kay L.